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My Dr Ruth story

I am driving up Third ave on the left side of the ave as I like to avoid the buses and I see this short person with flowers in her hand and her other hand hailing for a taxi on the right side of the ave. I swerve over and pick her up. She thanks me and mentions how it was nice that I was able to see her, short being the word mentioned by her. I joke that I saw her flowers and had to pick her up making light of her short joke. As we travel to her destination which is the Upper West Side of Manhattan I recognize her accented voice first. I ask her if she is someone famous, she replies yes and that if I can guess it she will give me a nice tip. I ask her where she is from and she replies Germany and I then ask her is she is a Doctor and she says yes and I then guess correctly. She turned the conversation to 'The Gates' as we approached Central Park and queryed me on my feelings/impressions about them. I said how they have livened up the drab park during winter, brought a lot of extra traffic, cars and pedestrians, into the city. She replied how pretty they are and how positive it was to see them. We chit chatted about some other things until we reached her destination and she did tip me well but most importantly she was fun to have in the taxi. She behaved like a giggly schoolgirl for the whole trip and was great fun to share space with.


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