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Great news. I got a new, well at least its new to me, keyboard. A friend had an exrtra one lyimg arouind. but it has a problrm. its a regualr board amd not an ergonomioc one like my old one too freakingd small for my finger s and its layout is strang e and unusual to ,e atrrgggggggh. typods eat snot

lets see worked four nights lasrt week. had May 2002 playmate in my cab wed or thur . w3hat a ditzy stacked blonde. told me she was one of hugh's seven living at the mansion at one time. my lust was wilting already from her ditzyness then it died when she told me that, no amount of blue pills would revive my interest from that moment on.

Friday was great at work went to Staten Island for the first titme with a customer.

had fun saturday visiting a Buffy friend on long island, went with peace fire so the fun was magnified tenfold. hey tamz do you read my lj? next time we should visit you. :)

Then on Sunday went to all four boroughs in a single shift. *eg* made lots of money Sudany. Took three seperate trips from Penn Station with poor sad depressed Eagles fans to their residences in Manhattan. told all they would get it next year. I haven't a clue what their chances are but I remember losing all those years when I was a Rangers fan and now still as a Mets fan. poor bastids.

ahhh Tuesdays the day I do nothing but couch potato.

anyone read Doonesbury last week? I got a kick out of the taxi driver references. too fucking funny.


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