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some cursing and mostly boring crap otherwise

Yeah on Feb 15- Feb 23 , Corsa Am, my English Buffy friend is coming over for a visit.

I had my friend, Leah from Boston here for the weekend and the Buffy group
met again, the group is dwindling. *sigh*

I am happy that Angela and Jaye are back from winter break. Picked them up from the airports. Angela on Sat from JFK. Jaye on Sun from LAG. I never go to Newark except when driving a paying passenger there.

I want to be debt free. I want to move to Astoria so badly. Hopefully this week will have good movement towards those things occurring.

My sleep pattern is messed up again, I am sleeping like a normal person 11
pm to 7 am.

Angela will go with me on Wednesday to visit my mom which will be a great help
to me.

Hurt my back lifting Angela's new suitcase into the car. What is up with people going somewhere and returning with extra stuff and suitcases. damn suitcases multiply like freaking tribbles.

Still can't get over the fact that Dead Like Me is DEAD. fuck shit piss as soon I get into a great show some dumass motherfucker cocksucking asshole bastard fuckwad CANCELS it.

and oh shit Bush wants to invade Iran. Glad I'm too old to be drafted and way out of shape. Its nice to be pleasantly plump. *lol*

Might be time to buy gold, guns, ammo and a little mountain hideaway. The prez needs a brain transplant and new advisers. Also the way things are going I might become a theist and start praying because nothing else is working.

aahhhh I feel better and you? *eg*


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