Dogmeat (dogmeatnyc) wrote,

Well went over to thefirstevil again and taunted him :)

I learned today how to post pics next to my name go me.
next I need to learn how to link so people can go to other journals from my own.
should get a job one of these days, Im such a lazy bastard. too much web addiction, should start drinking at bars at least I would have a good excuse why I'm a bum. bars are expensive and too much cigarette smoke. Well it is less then 5 weeks to go before I go to LA and party with my fellow cult members. Im a big Buffy The Vampire Slayer fanatic. There is a posting board party in LA to raise money and you get to meet the other members of the cult, bonus is that some of the cast and crew do show up and helpo drive us into a more slavish worshiping behavior. I hear there are goats at the party. should be fun
ok bored with this


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