Dogmeat (dogmeatnyc) wrote,

Might have a private owner of a taxi willing to lease me his year 2005 taxi at a lower rate then the fleet and he is a non-smoker. ack I actually feel ill after a shift in a taxi that has had a heavy smoker driving it. Will think on it and chew out the answer by Monday.

Learning about 1031 exchange is fun.

Looking at stuff at is fun. I now know the zip codes of the places where I want to look. After some consideration thought of these criteria that need to be met. Brick, within 10-20 min walk to subway, attached/semi-detached, 2-6 family,

Thinking about long vacation to Florida, California, Ohio, Montana, Louisiana, [wherever other Buffy people are like France, Canada, Philippines, Australia, England, Germany, Ireland, Israel].
This might happen this summer.
Speak up if you want to meet me. :)

Today, going to visit my mom at the home is not so fun. I get there and outside the building there are two ambulances and a police car. On my mom's floor there is commotion and it is a cardiac arrest of one the residents, thankfully I see my mom in the tv room before I see the emergency personnel. My mom is more cranky than usual and is afraid, her telling me that people are being taken away. I figure she has some awareness of what is happening down the hall. I feel so guilty leaving her there and not acceding to her wishes to go home to her apt. Her apartment is not equipped for her needs and I tell her this and she does not listen. I am unable to care for her. guilt guilt. It tears at me to leave her when she, my mom ,the person who brought me into this world is calling my name as I leave and crying. *sad*
I relieve some stress by calling my sister on the drive home.
Hopefully next week will be better.


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