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War kills 100th state G.I.

[lj cut for those don't want to read about the war]

New York Daily News -
War kills 100th state G.I.
Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

WASHINGTON - On Thanksgiving Day, a roadside bomb blast in Baghdad marked a grim milestone for New York, killing the 100th state resident serving with the military in Iraq.
The improvised explosive device, as the military calls the hidden bombs that have taken the highest toll among U.S. troops, went off as a military police patrol of armored Humvees passed by.

The explosion claimed the life of Army Staff Sgt. Steven Reynolds, 32, of upstate Jordan, near Syracuse.

He served with the 42nd Military Police Brigade out of Fort Lewis, Wash.

With the death of Reynolds, New York became the fifth state to lose at least 100 residents in Iraq.

California had the most fatalities with 221, followed by Texas with 188, Pennsylvania at 106 and Ohio with 102, but the highest state death rate was in Vermont, which had 14 killed in a population of 640,000 -- seven of them from the Army National Guard.

Of the New York total, 10 were from Brooklyn, five from Manhattan, 10 from Queens, seven from the Bronx and 10 from Long Island.

The New York toll of 100 included 74 killed in action and 26 from accidents and other "nonhostile" incidents.

An additional 772 New Yorkers were wounded.

The youngest New Yorkers to fall were four age 19, including Army Pfc. Luis Moreno of the Bronx, who was killed by sniper fire on Jan. 29, 2004.

The oldest were two 46-year-olds, including Navy Cmdr. Joseph Acevedo, also of the Bronx, who was killed in a nonhostile incident on April 13, 2003.

Of the 47 military women killed in Iraq, three were from New York.

Army Sgt. Linda Jimenez, 39, of Brooklyn was fatally injured in a fall Nov. 8, 2003; Army Sgt. Cari Anne Gasiewicz, 28, of Depew was killed by a roadside bomb on Dec. 4, 2004, and Marine Cpl. Ramona Valdez, 20, of the Bronx was killed by a suicide car bomber June 23.

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