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ok ok now I feel better, time for some communication, quality is better then quantity.

Peace I'm still smarting from those rude comments you made about my fingers. :)

Mazzy so did you get my call?

Marsgirl needs a new celluar company!

I want you to visit my local diner as my Christmas/Birthday present.

ok so I still think this is a linear type of thing, beat me, shoot me, stuff me, mount me.


I picked up this woman in the Village and she wanted to go to Midtown. I start to drive and she tells me that she has a frog in her bag. I flash to Dead Like Me. I ask her why. She then tells me the story of how she was shopping at an organic food store and she spots the frog in the lettuce. The employee of the store catches the frog and places it in a container and they marvel at how it made it safely to NYC from California. She then tells me how she told her husband that they have an addition to the family and how he thought she was trying to tell him that she is pregnant. He was more surpised at the news that it was only a frog.

Wondering where my sister is the usual thing for me. She visited me with her bf just before turkey day and hasn't called me since. I have called her for a couple of days and the damn phone seems unplugged. damn Vermont its probaly just a storm that has knocked out the lines. I am worry wart *sigh*

Visited my mom today and spent almost an hour with her. was pleasant and not too sad for me this time. seems like the home is nice and the staff friendly. Planning on buying the staff a gift basket of some kind. any suggestions?

back is much much better, I need to go back to swimming. *splish splash* show off my imatation of a white whale. *lol*

Drove by the Rockefeller tree in the middle of the night, looks like the tree from last year. :) whats the big deal?

saw a nice big rat doing a great oscar winning impression of roadkill. I love dead rats.

freaking Amtrak still with fucking air horns, damn the slow workers to delimbing already.

knocking down a building across the street wonder how tall the new building will be. reach the sky baby I love vertical growth.

I need to go to craigslist see what the fuss is about.

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