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City High School Students Stage Walk-Out To Protest Bush Policies

City High School Students Stage Walk-Out To Protest Bush Policies
November 02, 2005

Hundreds of city high school students staged a walkout Wednesday, gathering in Union Square as part of a national day of resistance against the Bush administration.

Some students, most of whom are not even old enough to vote, started walking out of class this morning to show support for the group World Can't Wait. Students from all five boroughs took part in Wednesday’s rally.

The group urged people across the country to stand up against George W. Bush. Many students say the war in Iraq is their main cause for concern.

The Department of Education had no comment about the event.


NY1’s Jennifer Rainville filed this report.

“I'm here because my country is more important than my report card. I don’t live in my report card,” said student Chloe Ditz. “I don't believe that Bush is doing a good job at all. It doesn't matter that he can't be re-elected, we have to do something now.”

For hundreds of city high school students, that something was walking out of their classrooms Wednesday. Students gathered in Union Square in a show of support for a group called World Can't, which organized an anti-Bush administration protest.

“What I want to happen today is a huge leap in the level of people's organization and the level of people’s consciousness,” said a student organizer who only gave the name “Lu.”’

“I'd like Bush out and someone who knows what they are doing in,” said student Patrik Wagner.

Students say there isn't much about the Bush administration that they approve of. Most upsetting, they say, is the war in Iraq.

“I came out here because I think there are much more important issues going on than passing science,” said student Iliana Correa. “I think that what Bush is doing is completely wrong. I think that the situation in Iraq is just totally messed up.”

Given their age, many students say since they can't exercise their vote, their exercising their voices.

“I'm underage so I can't vote, and this is how I see fit to get my voice out there my opinion out there,” said student Talia Bosko.

“I think it is really important that young people find out that voting isn't the only way that politicians will hear you,” added student Zoe Chavez. “What Bush is doing is wrong, and because I can't put a little tick on a ballot doesn't mean that he is not going to hear what I am going to say.”

It’s a message they hope is heard loud and clear.

- Jennifer Rainville

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