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yep I had some doozy worknights [yes I can call them worknights if you daywalkers can call your days workdays] this past work week.

Sunday, Man hailed me on Seventh Ave and Christopher Street, I then had this guy in my cab who as we are driving to his destination, told me he was masturbating in the back and drive him slowly back to Brooklyn where he lives and oh was it ok with me. FUCKING PEOPLE GET A FUCKING DAMN ROOM TO DO YOUR OWN FUCKING PERVERSE SHIT IN!!! Told him it wasn't, don't know if he stopped because I sure as shit wasn't looking in the backseat.HANDS HANDS. Drove as fast as possible to Park Slope, got there and he wasn't done, knew it because the fucker told me so. He paid and gave me a decent tip. He got out of the cab, I drove up the block and looked in the backseat, was clean and then used my hand sanitzer to clean my hands. I touched the money he gave me and I felt unclean. Sorta like how I feel when the strippers I drive home pay all in single dollar bills. bleeech where has that money been is what I don't even want to know.

Another woman didn't pay for her ride. Picked her up B'way and Liberty around 3am and took her to 54 St. btween 5+6 Ave tells me its a roundtrip and could I wait, I asked her for the money on the meter and that I would wait only 5 minutes. I thought it was drug buy and didn't want to stick around for long. She tells me she has only a $50 bill but I could hold onto her jacket. Knew right then she wasn't returning to the cab and I drove away after five minutes.

Down in Battery Park City lots of rats at night so I try to run them over. *eg* quick little fuckers I don't think I have run over one YET. I will keep trying.

Made some money, met some fun people, met some people I never want to meet again.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving with PeaceFire

My sister and her BF should show up today for the night before they drive to his family's home in Delaware on Wednesday.

Found some clothes for my mom will see her later today or tomorrow.

Back is feeling much better.

Good to see that Corsa has returned to LJ.


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