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New entry

woke too early again this week, damn Amtrak and their damn trains blaring their horns to warn of danger. got my air cleaning machine working again to drown out the horns. hope to sleep late tomorrow. I work the over-night shift driving taxi. I work Thurs to Mon.

visited my mom good visit for me and her, she still wants to leave and I wasn't too overwhelmed by my guilt. her hair is being braided and looks nice. was told by staff I need to buy her some more clothes. not high fasion just basic stuff. of course I am very confused by the thought process of having to buy womens clothes. I hope to get a female friend to help me with this daunting task.

I got another new entry and you still haven't posted here.

I need some sleep and the left side of back hurts. time for a beer and then poof

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