Dogmeat (dogmeatnyc) wrote,

wacky crap lifted from jebuell

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1) Are crescentmuse and atter going out? nope
2) What is dachelle allergic to? garlic
3) Are _alantie and darkest_magicks married? in a bizzaroo world
4) What is chriself's favorite color? aquamarine
5) How would helygen conquer the world? dancing mice
6) Where was halfrek2 born? fly over state
7) If marlenedaily had a superpower, what would it be? stop hurricanes
8) Would you ever date carpedi7? yes but only if she lived in NYC.
9) Is glow_boy a nerd? yes
10) If littlexander commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Buffy fans
11) Would randomposting and jadestarla look good together? yes
12) If dachelle and mazzydp were spliced together, what would be its name? dachazzy
13) Does dazeddaisy have a dog? no
14) Would you make out with bdbdb? yes but only to get autographs.
15) Which president would hurry_sundown be likely to idolize? Alexander Harris
16) If yefa was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Andrew
17) Do you think dachelle is hot? yes above room temp at least
18) Has roja72 been to your house/dorm? yes
19) Would divawithsparkle be a better ninja or pirate? pirate
20) What would immortalslayer do differently in your shoes? get smaller shoes
21) Does phoenix1081 drink? yes who doesn't
22) Does dovil know dualslayers? yes
23) Does bronzearamina have a crush on jebuell? yes
24) What would you do if helygen died? wow what an incredibly insensitive thing to ask. fuck you I am in denial.
25) What animal does cybernan remind you of? fuzzy wuzzy tribble

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