Dogmeat (dogmeatnyc) wrote,

copy/paste job

Well well I got some responses wonderful.

now does this respond to all the comments or does it make a new entry?

it would take an awful lot to make me block/unfriend someone. personal attacks are what do it for me and not someone's rant/comments about their own personal stuff.

spikegood and almond
thank you for the remarks about homes. it is hard for me since I am the only relative nearby and willing to make the effort to be there. my mom is a strong/difficult and occasionally unbalanced person and that was sometimes hard on our relatives, their response was to cut off contact with her and with me and my sister. My sister lives in Vermont so not able to visit often. I go to the home and feel very guilty because my mom always asked to go home. I wish I could cry easier to relieve my pain but I was taught not to show feelings, well at least I don't drink or do drugs so that is good. maybe this lj will help me. I try to visit once a week if my mental health allows for it.

hello and it looks like corsa am doesn't update her lj.
PG tips. does tea go bad? there is a use by date on the box.

yep Dead Like Me rocks. I think Roxy is hot.must be the uniform. *g* I have to visit Germany again, I had so much fun there the last time.

did you enjoy nyc last week? I was working all weekend so couldn't even thinking of going to a concert.

christopher marlowe
I still have my dvds shrink wrapped season 4-7 buffy and angel 3 and 4. I want to watch them again when I think it will be like Im a virgin again. *g*

wheeee this was fun
hmm maybe I should make a new entry now regarding what I did at summer camp.


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