February 23rd, 2005

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crappy week at work due to lack of sleep. finally discovered why. I was baking myself with the heat in my bedroom. I turned off the radiator in my br.
poor buffy friend corsa am got to see me in full insane rant mode. I am behaving normal again.

my sister is in town and staying with me, we are getting along.

buffy friend corsa left after a short visit. I plan on visiting her this summer. yay for travel.

big news I signed the contract yesterday and then went to dinner with Peace Fire and my sis and her friend, Annie and Annie's adorable daughter. lots of fun. Get this the kid thinks I'm weird. hahahahahahhahahahahha.

Watched Veronica Mars with Peace and sis, enjoyable show.

hmmmm should I watch Lost tonight?

ahhhhh it feels great to be well rested again.

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