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I bought season seven dvds of Buffy. Still haven't watched an episode for over a year, ditto for Angel since it got canceled. unopened the boxes sit gathering dust under my rolling coffee table. I think next week I will start with season one of Buffy. Watch an episode a week to enjoy and savor.

For those that are not in the loop.
I have been driving a taxicab in NYC for over a year now. My mom had major surgery and I was made her guardian and had to place her in a nursing home.
I am guilty about the decisions I had to make regarding my mom but I hope I have done the best for her.

I like and sometimes love my job. As I get better I make more money. I work 4/5 nights a week 5pm-5am sometimes I go home early if I have made my money and I am tired.

I voted for and supported Kerry by sending him some of my money. I also gave money to Kucinch and Dean. more about this in future entries.

I am currently watching Dead Like Me, The Wire, Real Time w/ Maher, Deadwood. I hate reality tv and most commercial tv.

time for some tea courtesy of Corsa Am. Does she have a lj?


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