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The Bronze who knows if this link will work still learning crap and html.

Well just checked the Bronze and see that Stephan the drunken vamp sloth just took strangestgirl home. Wonder what that means?

Watched part of two football games Saturday
Steelers v Titans
Eagles v Falcons

I used to like the Steelers back when they were good and I was younger. Oh well they lost.

Then when watching the Eagles win against the Falcons I thought wow look two raptors fighting. I used to like the Eagles back when Cunningham was their quarterback and he was great and they sucked. Well they won.

Supposed to meet up with roja, Marsgirl and maybe Mazzy and possibly Ye Fa this Sunday if they ever call me.

Saw my mom had to explain again what the plumbers will have to do Monday in her apartment. The Landlord is being proactive and has been installing sprinklers in all his buildings. Geez I remember when heat was a luxury in his buildings but the neighborhood changed when all the damn yuppies moved in back in the 1980's BAH still dislike interlopers in my old neighborhood. Me and all my childhood friends got priced right out of the neighborhood. BAH wish I could eat their fancy dogs. No mutts for these peoples. BAH no better yet leave the dogs alone it isn't their fault they have yuppie owners EAT the owners is my new goal. :-)

Give new meaning to eat the rich.

speaking of which who has ever seen Eating Raoul, its a great movie. I highly recommend it will make you piss in your knickers its so damn funny.

New Angel episode this Wednesday since they moved the show from Sunday. Wonder if they are trying to kill the show with all the moves. Please I hope to never see Connor mating with Cordelia again BLEEECH.

Have to wait till Jan 21 for next episode of Buffy, tortue.

ok I think I babbled enough

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